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Welcome to Charity Baptist Bible Institute (CBBI).  Dr. Greg Estep founded CBBI in 1978 to teach and train men and women in the Bible to assist them in serving the Lord with their lives.  Since that time the Lord has used CBBI to help Christians all over the world with their obedience to the command given in 2 Tim 2:15 to study to shew thyself approved unto God.

In the early days of CBBI our correspondence courses were taught by cassette tapes through the mail.  We later transitioned to sending CDs through the mail and have now embraced the convenience the internet provides.  Our current format of web based learning allows students worldwide virtually immediate access to our classes.

Please look through the information on this site and if you have any questions use the Contact Us page and someone will be sure to answer your questions.


Our Administration and instructors are all King James Bible believing Christians who will never make an attempt to “correct” God’s perfect words.  We hold true to the biblical doctrines and teach our students the principles of rightly dividing their Bibles so that our graduates come away knowing how to let the scriptures interpret themselves rather than needing some “biblical scholar” to show them the way.

There are many good Bible Institutes in existence but few others, if any, offer verse by verse teaching on nearly every book of the Bible in addition to numerous classes on biblical and ministry related topics.  Our degree plans are designed to give students a well-rounded education at each degree level and students are also free to choose from a large list of electives.

Our tuition is extremely low because we are not seeking to make money; do not have multi-million dollar facilities to maintain; and do not have dozens of paid faculty and staff as some schools do.  We keep our costs low in order to keep the tuition low because we do not want finances to get in the way of Christians who have a desire to learn and grow in the Lord.

Our correspondence courses provide great flexibility for students who are busy juggling work, family, and church responsibilities.  Our degree programs do not have deadlines because we understand that there may be times when life interrupts a person’s studies.  The only requirement we place on our students is that they must complete at least one class every twelve months in order to remain in active enrollment status.

Students who wish to take classes toward a degree may enroll in the following degree programs:

Associate of Divinity (A.Div.) – Requires 60 credit hours

Bachelor of Divinity (B.D.) – Requires 120 credit hours (including the 60 from the Associate program)

Master of Theology (Th.M.) – Requires 39 credit hours

Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) – Requires 42 credit hours

Students may also take classes without seeking a degree.

The tuition for a degree seeking student is $30 per class.  There are some classes that require a text book and these must be purchased separately.

The tuition for students who are taking classes but not seeking a degree is $15 per class.

CBBI does not charge fees for enrollment, registration, or graduation.

Members of Charity Baptist Church do not pay tuition for classes.

Please feel free to listen to the two samples below.  These are both small portions of actual lectures provided in our classes and are a good representation of what you will get as a student of CBBI.

Sample 1: Taken from a class on the Book of Acts taught by Dr. Greg Estep.

Sample 2: Taken from a class on Rightly Dividing taught by Dr. Keith Wallace.

In order to take our online classes you will need the following:

1)     A desktop or laptop computer with an internet connection and speakers

2)     A printer (Many of our tests are electronic and will not need to be printed but there are some classes where the tests must be printed first.)

3)     An email account

4)     A credit or debit card for purchasing class materials

We highly recommend that you use Gmail as your email provider and that you use Chrome as your browser.

If these requirements are a problem for you please contact us and we may be able to work out an alternate arrangement.

Please review the current student catalog below for more details on CBBI.  If you decide you would like to apply for enrollment then please complete the application and send it in.

CBBI Catalog

Click here for answers to frequently asked questions.

CBBI Enrollment Application***


***When you turn in your application, please send it as an email attachment.  Do not try to use the EchoSign function that is built into Adobe Reader.