Student Access

Students Seeking a Degree
To gain access to the courses you must first submit an enrollment application and then register for this site.  After an administrator reviews your application your account will then be approved and you will have access to the course menu and may purchase the courses for your degree. Courses purchased here will get the audio files (in mp3 format), handouts, and test.

Students Not Seeking a Degree
If you are not interested in seeking a degree and just want to listen to the lectures for your own edification then you must still complete the enrollment application, making sure to check the option for auditing classes.  You may also go ahead and register for an account on the site.  Once an administrator approves your account you will be able to purchase the classes you wish to take.  These classes come with audio files (in mp3 format) and handouts (if applicable).  These courses do not come with tests and you will not receive credit from CBBI for completing them.